Slatz Mat is made from thermally-treated wooden slats that are eco-friendly and resistant to the elements.



The process of thermally treating wood reduces natural porosity, repelling water and resisting moisture, which helps prevent mold and mildew. This makes the Slatz Mat ideal for bathrooms, saunas, pools & kitchens!

Introducing The Slatz Mat

Incredibly durable wooden mats for entrance, bath, garden, and path.

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The Perfect Mat For Damp, Slippery, Or Outdoor Spaces

The all-new Slatz™ mat is an eco-friendly wooden mat made with eco-friendly Rockwood™ ThermoWood. 

The natural water-wicking abilities, incredible durability, and convenient roll-out design make the Slatz Mat the most versatile mat you will ever own.

The Slatz mat will not rot, chip, warp, or splinter and lasts up to 25 years!

Incredibly Durable Mat For Entrance, Bath, Garden, & Path


The Slatz Mat can easily fold or roll for transport and multiple mats can be combined to span whatever length is desired. This design functionality makes the Slatz Mat perfect for temporary or long-term uses. Take it to the beach, use it in your RV, or place it in a bathroom or kitchen area!

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